Gold quarter-ounce medal Stories of our history - Hanč and Vrbata proof

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The Czechs never lacked determination, courage, diligence, creativity, purposefulness and sense of humor. All these features will gradually appear in the new cycle of the Czech Mint "Stories of Our History". The first commemorative medal embossed from one quarter troy ounce of pure gold was dedicated to two legendary skiers  Hanč and Vrbata and their extraordinary friendship to life and death.

Bohumil Hanč
could not miss when "International skiing race distancing fifty kilometers on the ever-traveling prize of the Czech Land Union to increase the visit of foreigners in the Czech Kingdom" was held in the North Bohemian Krkonose Mountains in 1913. The multiple master was a great skier and patriot. Borderlands were mostly inhabited by the Germans, and Hanc did not want to give victory to any of them. The tournament was held on Easter, when the weather was mild, and the athletes just went out in trousers and shirts. Conditions soon worsened and all participants gave up the race. Everyone except for Hanc, who drenched and frozen persistently continued the race. However, he did not reach the goal at Labská bouda. When his coach Emerich Rath found him collapsed, he managed to get him safe. However, the resuscitation was in vain. Everyone was surprised that Hanc was wearing a coat and a cap. Where did he get them? When another frozen body was found in the mountains, the sad truth came out. Warm clothing was handcuffed by another sports enthusiast Vaclav Vrbata, who had supported his loyal friend. He was exposed to frost and laid down his life in the snowstorm. The last day of Hanč and Vrbata was on March 24, which is still remembered as Mountain Service Day. It was an impulse to its founding.

The obverse side of the commemorative medal, which is the work of the gifted medal maker MgA. Martin Dasek resembles a cross made of skis and two sticks stuck in snow. On top of the skis, there is a coat and hat. This is complemented by the inscriptions BOHUMIL HANČ - VÁCLAV VRBATA - 24. 3. 1913. The reverse side presents two skiers with snowdrift in the background and the inscription "INTERNATIONAL SKI RACES IN KRKONOSE MOUNTAINS".

The issuance of quarter gold medals is only 100 pieces. Every medal includes a special certificate that tells the story of Hanč and Vrbata.

7.78 g
999.9 / 1000
22 mm
Plain edge
Author of the obverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
Author of the reverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
100 pcs
Date of issue
February 2018
Burgundy leather case
Numbered issue
Czech mint