Gold Slovak coin 100 EUR 2023 - 1400th anniversary - Samos´s empire founding proof

Gold Slovak coin 100 EUR 2023 - 1400th anniversary - Samos´s empire founding proof

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November 2023
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Product description

The Slovak gold euro coin was minted in quality proof on the occasion of the 1400th anniversary of the founding of the Samo´s Empire.

In the 6th century AD, Central and South-Eastern Europe was conquered by the Avars - nomads of Mongol origin. They subjugated the Slavs who lived there, forced them to pay taxes and sent them to fight in their wars. In the 7th century, however, the Slavs launched an uprising that paralysed the western part of the Avar Khaganate. The war was in full swing by 623, and as the arms trade brought in large profits, many Frankish merchants went to the centre of the fighting. One of them was a man named Samo, who joined the side of the Slavs and distinguished himself in battle alongside them. When the Slavic tribes, united as one, sought a ruler, they chose Sámo. For none of the Slavic potentates were jealous of a capable foreigner. Thus, the first Slavic state of Central Europe was established - the so-called Samo´s Empire, which spread over the territory of Moravia, Slovakia and Austria. Under Samos' leadership, the Slavs were victorious not only over the Avars, but also over the Frankish king Dagobert…

Medal maker Karol Ličko combined historical motifs with his own imagination when working on the coin. The reverse side is dominated by Sámo, who rides his horse into battle. The obverse side presents a scene from the battle that takes place under the palisade. The composition of both sides is completed by the national coat of arms, the inscriptions SLOVAKIA and SAMOVA RÍŠA, the year 623 and the face value of 100 EURO.

The coin was minted by the Slovak Mint Mincovňa Kremnica and issued by the National Bank of Slovakia.


National Bank of Slovakia
Nominal value
100 EUR
Numbered issue
900 / 1000
26 mm
Czech Mint