Gold wedding ducat 2021 proof

Gold wedding ducat 2021 proof

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If you want to stand out among the usual gifts that newlyweds expect, choose the wedding ducat of the Czech Mint, which combines the value of gold with original symbolism.

Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer, do! I'm half crazy, All for the love of you! It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet on the seat, Of a bicycle built for two.“

It is no wonder that in the text of the popular American song about marriage from 1892 "Bicycle for two" there is just
a two-wheel bicycle. Tandem is a very convenient analogy for marriage. Riding a two-wheeler can have its disadvantages - it behaves differently in corners, its weight is greater, the braking distance is longer, it is necessary to synchronize the pace,… But all this is a matter of habit and harmony. As soon as both riders get used to it, the reward for their interaction and trust will be less work, more speed and also more joy from the common experience. And what's more - there is no danger that your dear half will miss you in tandem…

Therefore, t
he bride and groom riding a two-wheel bicycle became the main motif of the reverse side of the wedding ducat of the medal maker Lenka Nebeská, DiS., with year 2021. They are surrounded by festive ribbons, flowers and hearts, which are - together with the inscription WEDDING DUCAT 2021 the main motifs of the obverse side of the ducat.

Each ducat is stored in a
gift box in the form of a folder book with a cover, where you can inscribe a hearty dedication and where the newlyweds can paste a wedding photo.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Lenka Nebeská, DiS
Author of the reverse
Lenka Nebeská, DiS.
Numbered issue
986 / 1000
3.49 g
20 mm
Bílý papírový box
Czech Mint