You can BOOK products that we are just preparing. On the other hand, you can directly ORDER products that have already been released.

The possibility of making reservations is conditioned by customer registration. You can register here. Goods that have not been issued yet can be booked in the Czech Mint's schedule of issuance or directly for a specific product by clicking the button Book.

An overview of existing reservations can be found in your customer account in the section entitled Reservations.

Receipt of reservations

We usually issue the Czech Mint's schedule of issuance for the following year in the autumn of the current year. We inform customers about this by e-mail or information letter. Since the upcoming products are published on our e-shop, it is possible to make reservations for individual titles as well as for collector's series.

Individual reservations of our customers are continuously registered in the system and later processed in the order in which we received them. A list of applicants is created in the reservation system, regardless of the issuance limit of the given product. Even if the issuance limit is reached, the system will accept reservations, but these candidates will be considered as substitutes.

The price of the reserved products is only indicative. It corresponds to the situation when the item was published on the e-shop and may change. The selling price will be displayed after the issuance of the product.

For this reason, accepted e-shop reservations are mutually NON-BINDING.

Processing of reservations

Requests are sent to registered parties to confirm the reservation approximately one week before the issuance and the official launch of the sale. These invitations are sent to the number of applicants that corresponds to the issuance limit.

The invitation letter will inform you about the actual selling price. If you confirm the reservation and complete the order within the given deadline, this order becomes binding.

Booking confirmation

You will confirm the reservation after logging into the customer account. It will be possible to order this product and add it to the shopping cart in the overview of your reservations. Then you complete the order in the standard way.

If your reservation is not confirmed until the deadline and your order is not completed, the reservation will be canceled. The goods will then be automatically offered to the next interested party. This process is IRREVERSIBLE, so please meet the deadline until which you can confirm your reservation.

The remaining interested parties - substitutes who did not receive the invitation to confirm the reservation - will be informed about the cancellation of the reservation due to lack of goods after the end of the sale.

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