Investment bar Palladium 100 g

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The Czech Mint continues to extend the offer of investment palladium, to which analysts propose a bright future. You can store your funds in a thousand-gram brick after ten-gram brick and one troy ounce.

The palladium market is one of the few metals markets that is truly tense since palladium is a serious shortage on earth. Approximately 210 tons were produced in 2017, but demand was higher and the metal deficit reached 25 tons. This is due to the strong demand of the automotive industry that consumes more than three quarters of palladium production. Palladium is used in gasoline catalytic converters that are on the rise. Diesel engines fell into disfavour in Europe after the Dieselgate affair. More and more people can afford a car in China, which is primarily a petrol market. Stricter emission standards are being introduced around the world. Palladium is also used in hybrid cars and it is a key component of hydrogen fuel cells. The value of Palladium is also influenced by the fact that Russia is its largest supplier which has proven several times in the past that it is able to reduce the supplies of strategic natural resources in response to geopolitical tensions.

The renowned Swiss refinery Argor-Heraeus became the manufacturer of palladium investment bricks.

Each brick is sealed into a certified packaging.

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