Investment Gold Bar 2 g Kinebar - Argor Heraeus

Investment Gold Bar 2 g Kinebar - Argor Heraeus

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Product description

The Swiss company Argor-Heraeus is one of the world's leading processors of precious metals. It refines mainly pure gold - for example, in the form of this investment brick weighing 2 grams which bears a security hologram.

Argor-Heraeus was founded in 1951 and, thanks to its reputation, was accredited by the London Bullion Market LBMA in 1961 to the prestigious "good delivery" list of gold producers. Today, it is privately owned and based in Mendrisio, South Switzerland. The quality of the products of the companies on this list is of the highest standards and they are therefore accepted with confidence by traders and exchanges worldwide. Moreover, Argor-‍Heraeus is one of five expert assessors appointed by the London Stock Exchange to oversee compliance with the "good delivery" standards. In addition to the production of investment ingots, the company's production programme also includes the recycling of precious metals and the manufacture of semi-finished products for industry.

A special kind of gold bar called Kinebar has a patented safety feature on the back - the so-called Kinegram. This laser-created hologram, which changes colour depending on the angle of view, presents the Argor-Heraeus logo. The front of the bar bears the following stamped attributes - the Argor-Heraeus logo, the weight and purity, the quality seal of the Swiss Central Bureau for Precious Metals Control and the serial number.

The packaging bears a certificate of authenticity and must not be damaged.


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999.9 / 1000
2 g
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