medal To wedding anniversary with dedication (text) proof

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medal To wedding anniversary with dedication (text) proof

It is rather disappointing to have a wedding anniversary coming and expect that your partner will remember it and suggest that you celebrate it together but he/she forgets. On such occasion it is appropriate to give at least a symbolic present, in particular if the anniversary is worth noting, or “round“. Specific wedding anniversaries have their names. Folk tradition even invented names for every year after the wedding. For example, the first anniversary is cotton, the second paper, the third leather, the fourth flower, the fifth wooden... Families should definitely not forget to celebrate at least the “roundest“ anniversaries designated by the names of precious metals.


25th wedding anniversary: silver
50th wedding anniversary: gold
70th wedding anniversary: platinum

The obverse side features two champaign glasses from which the sparkling wine has just splashed out and formed a symbolical heart against the backdrop of stars representing the glitter of glasses and sparkles in the relationship. The wavy line in the lower part of the medal symbolizes mutual closeness and cohesion of the couple.

The reverse side features an empty field in the middle for the dedication or a photo, and decor around the rim.


Unlimited edition.

Material: Silver
Weight: 29 g
Fineness: 999 / 1000
Diameter: 40 mm
Quality: PROOF
Edge: Plain lettered edge
Author of the obverse: Bc. Zuzana Hubená, DiS.
Author of the reverse: Bc. Zuzana Hubená, DiS.
Code: 30707-721
Date of issue: Červen 2012
Packaging: Silver paper case
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: Yes
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Czech mint
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