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Nations of the Crown 2017 UK L1 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

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The citizens of the United Kingdom have been using the round coins with a nominal value of one pound for 33 years. In 2017, however, it is time for change. The Royal Mint introduced a unique twelve-edge pound, which is not only attractive but also resists all counterfeiting attempts.

What can you buy for a pound when visiting UK? A variety of daily items or services such as a chicken sandwich, a cup of coffee, a newspaper, a bus ticket, or a winning ticket. It is no wonder, therefore, that "one-pound" is one of the most used coins of the United Kingdom. However it is not only popular for orderly citizens, but also for counterfeiters. It has been estimated that every thirtieth round pound in circulation is counterfeit! The authorities responded responsibly to this alarming finding and the British Mint created twelve-edge bimetallic mintage, which is considered the safest in the world thanks to the advanced protection features.

The author of the fine design of the perfect 21st century coin, emerged from the nationwide competition, was only a fifteen-year-old schoolboy, David Pearce. He expressed each of the UK countries by a plant motif. Roses symbolizes England, leek  symbolizes Wales, thistle symbolizes Scotch and  clover expresses the Northern Ireland. All of these plants grow from one stalk surrounded by a royal crown. The obverse side of the coin includes the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the inscription „ELIZABETH II D G REG F D“ (Elizabeth II, the Queen by the Grace of God, the protector of faith), the year of the issue 2017, and the security element in the form of a „holograms“.

This commemorative version of the circulation coin was embossed in brilliant polished quality and is stored in a booklet in English, which brings a number of accompanying information.

8.75 g
750 / 1000
23,03 mm
Plain edge
Numbered issue