2024 Issue Plan is finally here


Dear collectors, investors, partners, and friends of the Czech Mint,

we are proud to present the Issue Plan for 2024, when the Czech Mint will enter its fourth decade of existence. However, we are by no means resting on our laurels. The world of coinage is constantly evolving, and although we honour tradition, we are closely following new trends and facing new challenges.

See for yourself – the complete Issue Plan of the Czech Mint for 2024 can be found at www.mint.cz!


What can you look forward to?

There is something for lovers of history, groundbreaking events, great personalities, technology, warfare, architecture, religion, nature, ... - in short, the most compelling stories from our homeland and around the world. Among the new products, you will not want to miss the collector's series with eloquent titles Journey Around the World, Mythological Figures, Legends of Czech Castles, Cat Breeds, Old Greek Myths and Legends, Famous Steam Locomotives or Three Musketeers. As always, we think not only of collectors, but also of investors and anyone looking for an original gift.

Czech Mint