Changing the divine packaging


We would like to inform all fans of mythology who were attracted by the commemorative coins from the Gods of the World and Goddesses of the World collector cycles that we have been forced to change the packaging.

While until now the ancient deities appeared in wooden boxes, you will now encounter them in paper boxes. While the type of packaging is changing, you certainly don't have to worry about a drop in quality. The new cases are elegant, practical and safe. Moreover, they are handmade in Jablonec nad Nisou.


The reason for this unexpected change is the worldwide problems with the supply of materials - in this case, quality wood, the supply of which is decreasing and the price is skyrocketing. A pandemic accompanied by various geopolitical turbulences is mainly to blame. In this unpleasant situation, we could use the help of the all-powerful Zeus, the clairvoyant Frigg or Vesna, who rules the trees, but without intervention from above we have no other solution than a change in packaging.

The switch to paper boxes applies not only to new issues with the 2022 vintage, but also retroactively to older coins issued in 2020 and 2021. While you may have seen a photo of the wooden box at the time of ordering the divine coins on the e-shop, we will not be able to supply you with one, for which we apologize.

Thank you for your understanding!

Czech Mint