Crystal Coin is gaining admiration in Asian markets


As an important exporter, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Marian visited us on his way to a government meeting in Jablonec nad Nisou on 13 March. Economic diplomacy supports Czech entrepreneurs on foreign markets and covers the external economic relations of the Czech Republic.

On their Linkedin page, they said of the visit, "The company combines technological excellence with design and continues the tradition of Czech coinage. In order to develop and grow, the company is also creating new products of its own, such as silver coins with cut stones called Crystal Coin, which are being created in cooperation with another Jablonec company, PRECIOSA. The emphasis on higher added value and the company's own brand can be seen at every step. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic will support the company with targeted cultural presentations on the more distant markets of Asia and will also involve Czech Centres. We thank Mr. Bachtik and colleagues from marketing and export for an excellent discussion."

The discussion revealed, among other things, which product we used to reach customers in China. It is our Crystal Coin silver coins, a unique combination of the superior craftsmanship and design of coinage with the skill of master glassmakers in the region.

Lenka KLimentová

Czech Mint