Czech Mint will pay the J50 main race prize in gold


The Jizerska 50 is a legendary race in which pros meet hobby runners. It is also a living memory of the 15 Czechoslovak climbers who died in the 1970 earthquake in Peru under Huascarán. The most famous Czech winter race has been part of the FIS Marathon Cup for 20 years, its courses attracting more and more famous racers. This year, for the first time, a gold bonus will be added at the 30th kilometer of Sunday's race.

The Czech Mint has been an important partner of all the ČEZ Jizerská 50 races for several years. This year, in the year of the 30th anniversary not only of the independent Czech Republic and the Czech crown but also of the Czech Mint, in addition to the traditional sponsorship in the form of medals for each participant and in silver for the winners, a special Price money for the premium at the 30th kilometer of the main race is being prepared. "We will present the premium to the first three male and female competitors in gold, in the form of gold Czech Lion investment coins," explained Lenka Klimentová, spokesperson for the Mint, adding that this is not the only novelty.

At the Czech Mint's stand with playful activities at the stadium in Bedřichov, people can also be transported into the production of currency through a film loop and see how Czech money is minted. The first coin produced in Jablonec in 1993 was the fifty-haler. This aluminium penny eventually became obsolete and fell into oblivion. "But we thought about aluminium Czech money in connection with the Jizera 50. Do you still have them at home in the aluminium coin box? Find them! During the races you can use them to nostalgically pay for small refreshments at our stand," Klimentová encourages.

"We very much appreciate the mutual cooperation with the Czech Mint, which for the fourth year already brings participants of the ČEZ Jizerské 50 races an unmistakable memento in the form of a commemorative medal. The competitors themselves ask about this special reward in advance and are interested in what it will look like this time," says Richard Valoušek from the organizing agency Raul.

This is the fourth time that the Czech Mint has minted participation medals for competitors. This year the colour of the magnetic blister in which the medal is packaged is green. The author, who is again the academic sculptor Jiří Dostál, has placed the motto NEBĚŽÍM SÁM/SAMA on the face of the medal. This carries not only the idea of camaraderie and partnership, but also the idea of fair play. The number on the reverse is not only the length of the main race J50. The medals are not for sale and will only be given to the race participant, find them in the race packet. Medals in pure silver will be awarded to the Czech winners.

"We mint over eight thousand base metal medals on the circulation presses. It takes us about a week of work to produce, package and ship," explained Stanislav Bachtík, the production director of the Czech Mint, adding that one hundred medals in silver will be made by pressmen at a specialised workplace for minting precious metals. The godparents of this year's mintage came there to stamp the first pieces during the minting ceremony: the Olympian and World Cross-Country Skiing bronze medallist Alena Bartošová, the mayor of Jablonec nad Nisou Miloš Vele and the mayor of Bedřichov Petr Holub.

"I perceive the Jizera Fifty as an extraordinary sporting event because it brings together both amateur and professional runners. It is a unique event not only in the region but also in the whole country," said Mayor Miloš Vele at the stamping ceremony. Alena Bartošová also considers the opportunity to mint and be the godmother of the medal a great experience. "At the end of my life I mint medals for athletes, it is an unrepeatable moment to be there," said the former cross-country skier.

Alena Bartošová (Olympic Games Sapporo 1972 and Innsbruck 1976, World Championships Falun 1974) is leading the company relay in the colours of the Czech Mint during this year's Jizera 50.  And not just any one. In 1984, the four clover racers won the Olympic silver medal in the 4×5 km relay in Sarajevo.  "We have another relay that will be run by our employees. Our people also start in the 30 or in the main race on Sunday," Monika Patková from the corporate department added on behalf of the Mint. She is very much looking forward to the racing atmosphere again and hopes that nature will calm down and snow will fall.

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