Golden medalists from Tokyo


In 2020, it was the first time in the 124 years of the modern Olympic Games that they were postponed by a year. Although the sporting feast was significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, our athletes did not let it affect them and gave their best.

We thank all the Olympians and Paralympians who represented the Czech Republic at the Tokyo Summer Games last year for their unimaginable hard work. We pay tribute to the winners who won gold medals with traditional commemorative coins.

In gold and silver they appear:

Jiří Lipták - Olympic gold medalist
Jiří Prskavec - Olympic gold kayaker
David Drahonínský - golden Paralympic archer
Adam Peška - Paralympic gold medalist in boccia
The four men from Tokyo went to Jablonec nad Nisou to see for themselves how their commemorative coins are made.

"I didn't have to make any comments to the author - it was a first-class job and it's a really beautiful coin. Of course, it is a great honour for me to have my own commemorative coin. For my birthday I will make myself happy and I will definitely buy a gold one. I'll buy more silver coins and I'll give them to people around me," said Jiří Lipták, who has just celebrated his 40th birthday. "When I compare coinage with shooting, both are about precision. Also, not everyone can do it and it takes a certain skill. It's a great experience and I appreciate it very much," added the golden shooter.

"I have a big part of my family in Jablonec nad Nisou, but I didn't know that the mint was located here. I am glad that I was able to see the production premises and mint my own gold coin," said Jiří Prskavec. "I complained a bit that my hands were too strong on the first design, so I wanted them a bit smaller. The second time the author got it right and the coin is very nice," added the gold kayaker.

"Jirka Prskavec was afraid that his friends would laugh at him for being a muscle man, so I had to reduce his muscles, but I enjoyed working on another sports coin. It's always a nice job when I can depict sports equipment, in this case a part of a kayak and a paddle," added academic sculptor Jiří Dostál.

"Who would have thought that a boy who was born almost forty years ago in Kaplice would have a mast with his own face on it? I can retire now," joked David Drahonínský. "Fortunately, there weren't many gold medallists in Tokyo. The coins would have had to be smaller so that there would be enough for everyone," added the golden archer.

"It's a very festive feeling for us. After the Olympics, which triggered it all, it's such a cherry on the cake," praised the minting of the coin Ivana Pešková - mother and teammate of Adam Peška. "It's an amazing feeling and it's an honour for me," added the golden bocce player himself.

"I took the creation of the coin with Adam Peska as a challenge because I don't do portraits much. I hope that the coin will be liked and will meet with success," said medallist Ludmila Kracíková.

Thank you for visiting us - it was an honour!

Czech Mint