Historical podcast: the way it was


At the Czech Mint, we love history, which is full of incredible stories - both world-famous and unjustly forgotten. The creators of the "Tak bolo" podcast are also great admirers of the old days, so we decided to join forces with them. Together we bring you ten episodes packed with historical trivia!

Join us as we get to know the Viking conquerors and the Hungarian rulers who held nothing sacred. Discover the turbulent fate of a Great Moravian prince and an Austrian empress. Visit Italy in the days of the mighty Roman Republic and progressive Renaissance Florence. Follow in the footsteps of brave sailors and intrepid freedom fighters. Step inside the minds of Napoleon and Hitler, whose lust for power knew no bounds.

You can even compete while you listen! Leif Eriksson, Christopher Columbus or a Slovak eagle made of pure silver await the lucky winners. Contests end on September 5, 2022...

The "Tak bolo" podcast is brought to you by the Czech Mint and ZAPO.

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