Let's help Ukraine


Under the influence of wartime events in Eastern Europe, the Czech Mint expanded its charitable activities.

The first step was the direct financial support of the Red Cross in the amount of CZK 300,000. Two thirds of this amount will support the public collection of medical supplies in the Czech Republic (account number 333999/2700, variable symbol 1502) and one third will go to Slovakia.

The second philanthropic step was the deepening of the cooperation between the Czech Mint and the Red Cross within the framework of a long-term project called "Thank You".

The special commemorative medals "Thank You" were created in 2020 to help in times of pandemic, but they will help just as well in times of war. The Czech Mint donates CZK 500, 200 or CZK 70 from the sale of each gold, silver or brass coin to the Czech Red Cross Humanity Fund.

"We take it as a civic duty to stand alongside the state and non-profit organisations. We have decided to get involved in direct aid to the people in Ukraine and we have chosen the Czech Red Cross and the Slovak Red Cross, which have direct links to their Ukrainian colleagues, as an intermediary," said Michal Drtina, director of the Czech Mint, adding that humanitarian aid makes a lot of sense especially when it is coordinated and precisely targeted.

"I am very pleased that the Czech Mint is among those who allow us to help. A war that no one expected has entered the lives of millions of people in Ukraine and our mission is to at least alleviate their suffering. With the Czech Mint's contribution, we and our Ukrainian colleagues will be able to do this again a little better," says Marek Jukl, President of the Czech Red Cross. The aid reaches the needy directly, thus fulfilling the humanitarian principle that suffering should be alleviated at the place of its origin.

The Czech Mint is currently taking further steps to focus meaningful and adequate support on war-ravaged Ukraine. "We are also donating part of the proceeds from the sale of this year's set of Prague-themed circulation coins to the Czech Red Cross Humanity Fund. The volume of this financial aid will amount to roughly a quarter of a million crowns," said Jaroslav Černý, marketing manager of the Czech Mint.

For more information on how you can support Ukraine through the Czech Red Cross, please visit the donation portal.

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