Slovenky v Českej mincovni


On Friday, 22 April 2022, members of the VIP Club Slovenka, which was founded by the winners of the prestigious Slovak Woman of the Year poll, gathered at the Czech Mint in Suchý mýta in Bratislava.

This meeting of the VIP club was exceptional. In addition to discussing the value of the investments with which the Czech Mint is associated, the Director of the Slovak representation of the Czech Mint, Ľudmila Fülöpová, and the spokesperson of the Czech Mint, Lenka Klimentová, presented a symbolic cheque to the Secretary General of the Slovak Red Cross, Zuzana Rosiarova Kesegova. The money is intended for volunteers who have been helping at the border since the beginning of the military aggression in Ukraine.

The cooperation between the Czech Mint and the Slovak Red Cross has been ongoing since the beginning of the pandemic. At that time, the Czech Mint struck medals with the likeness of Florence Nightingale, who became a pioneer in nursing. The money from their sale goes to the Red Cross in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The charity dimension of the club meeting was supported by well-known personalities - the director of STAR Production publishing house Mária Reháková, the founder of the Slovak Woman of the Year poll, the rector of the Police Corps Academy Lucia Kurilovská, former Slovak Television presenters Nora Beňačková and Ada Straková, Ingrid Fašiangová, director of the New Stage, Eliška Kubíková, head of the Institute of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, former Minister Mária Machová, Professor Eva Blahová and other prominent personalities from culture, economics and social life.

The meeting of the prestigious women's club was complemented by a small fashion show by designer La Rena and exquisite glass artworks by Achilleas Sdoukos, including one that was presented at the Dubai World Expo.

The jewelry of designer Ales Bergl, who designed and created the crown for the Miss Universe World Finals, as well as the crown for Miss USA, was also exceptional.

The VIP meeting of the Slovak Women's Club was hosted by the Czech Mint for the first time and, in addition to a dignified atmosphere, it was also given a new, charitable dimension in cooperation with prominent women.

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