The men on the pageant and the women in the forest run represent the Czech Mint


With the participation of eight company football teams, the Deník Employee League took place on the artificial grass of FK Železný Brod. The Crystalex team won for the third year in a row. This year, the team from the Czech Mint also got involved. Sales director Aleš Brix also shone in the jersey.

Last year's championship was defended by Crystalex and advanced to the next stage of the tournament. Some teams decided to repeat their participation after last year, but newcomers also joined. The comfort of the weekday afternoon was enhanced by excellent facilities, quality organization, tasty sausages, meatloaf and beer, as well as almost summer weather.

A total of eight teams were divided into two groups. Crystalex, Clarios Plastics Czech, Magna Automotive and Jablonec Municipal Theater played in group A. In group B, the teams Atrea, Emba Česká mincovna and KV Final competed. The teams Crystalex, Městské divadlo Jablonec, Atrea and KV Final reached the top four after fighting in the groups.

Jiří Věneček from the quality department led the mint team into battle, and he intended to go straight to the front even as captain. But a health complication thwarted his plans, which is a shame given his major league spurs. It does not matter. "The guys got together quickly and although they were seeing each other for the first time with the reinforcements from the surrounding football teams, I think they enjoyed the early evening together," says Lenka Klimentová, spokesperson for the Czech Mint.

It's great if employees can get together after work and play sports together. After participating in the Jizerská 50, ABB cup cycling races, football activity also increased. "However, the girls didn't stay away either, and on the second weekend of May they took part in cross-country races in the colors of the Czech Mint," praises the atmosphere in the collective.

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