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Original autumn themed gem with gold ounce coin Gustav Fabergé proof

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494,500 CZK
19,223 EUR
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Autumn – the period of fruit harvest and harmonious colours when the nature is gradually getting ready for well-deserved rest. The rich spectrum of colours has inspired jeweller Alexandr Belov to create a fascinating egg-shaped jewel which hides another treasure inside – a numismatic delicacy in the form of a gold one-ounce coin denominated NZD 50 dedicated to Gustav Fabergé – an exceptional master-jeweller whose 200th anniversary of birth we commemorate this year. Czech Mint celebrates this jubilee by issuing a special series of coins packaged in luxurious richly decorated egg-shaped cases, i.e. in the shape which is inseparably connected with the Fabergé workshop.

All eggs serving as luxurious cases for coins included in Czech Mint’s series “Gustav Fabergé“ were created by talented goldsmith Alexandr Belov; they are distinguished from each other by an original motif. The reverse of the gold NZD 50 coin was designed by outstanding medal maker Asamat Baltaev, it features the portrait of the icon of jewellers Gustav Fabergé, the year of his birth (1814), the year of issue (2014) and his name. The obverse created by the same artist shows a miniature of the egg-shaped jewel, the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, denomination of the coin NZD 50, and the name of the issuer – Niue Island. Gold one-ounce coins packaged in luxurious cases are numbered on the edge and delivered with a velvet folder containing a certificate of origin on a handmade paper and a lithograph with the portrait of Gustav Fabergé. The egg-shaped jewel hiding a gold one-ounce NZD 50 coin is an appealing offer for all art lovers to invest in art. Its beauty and permanent value will certainly please every fan of exceptional quality and luxury!

750 / 1000
55 mm
Author of the obverse
Alexander Belov
10 pcs
Date of issue
October 2014
Numbered issue
Nominal value
50 NZD