The coins are the work of ROMAN ŠAMILJAN, who is not only a renowned sculptor but also an admired TATTOO ARTIST.

His distinctive style is characterized by dynamic strokes and hypnotic gazes that stand out both on human skin and in pure silver.


Cyclopes – giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead – are primitive and brutal creatures endowed with enormous strength. They live in dens where they wait for unfortunate travellers, whom they devour. But there are also skilled craftsmen among them – builders of impenetrable walls or smiths who craft weapons of divine power in the bowels of volcanoes.

2024: MEDUSA

Medusa used to be a beautiful maiden whose beauty no man could resist. Nor did she escape the attention of the feuding gods, in whom she inspired both lust and contempt. Eventually, she fell out of grace and was struck with a terrible curse. She was transformed into a monstrous creature with snakes coiling on her head instead of hair. Anyone who looks into her eyes instantly petrifies.

2024: ELF

The life of the graceful elves is closely linked to magic. They exist in harmony with nature, which they value above all else, but they do not lack a knack for art and craft. They tend to be long-lived or even immortal which affects their relationship with ordinary mortals. Some are arrogant, domineering, and self-absorbed, others do not hesitate to share their experience and wisdom.


The home of the mermaids – seductive women whose bodies transform into scaly fish tails at the waist – is the endless watery depth. Many a sailor has been attracted by their irresistible singing, but no man can be sure, what they have in store for him. A loving embrace awaits one, while another is caught in a merciless storm that seals his fate.

2025: TROLL

Ancient trolls live in mountains far from human dwellings. They are large and strong, but slow and lacking in wit. These grotesque creatures only emerge from their hiding places after dark. If the sun's light falls on them, they turn into stone. They are not evil, but it is better to avoid them – they like human treasures and consider meat their greatest delicacy.

2025: FAIRY

Magical fairies – ethereal beings of the fairer sex – have various forms and natures. Some live in forests, others in water. They can be kind and gentle, playful, and light-hearted, but also evil and insidious. One is capable of stealing a baby from its cradle and dancing a boy to death, the other will help a traveller and become a devoted wife and mother.

2025: DWARF

The dwarves may not have grown much, but they are sturdy and strong. Their hardy bodies make them unbeatable miners, diggers, and masons who toil tirelessly in the depths of the earth. They adore stone, iron, silver, gold, and gems, and guard their mines zealously. They do not like strangers, but those who treat them with respect need fear no harm.


Valkyries are beautiful but dangerous female warriors on winged horses who steer the combat on the battlefield, decide who wins or loses, and determine who survives and who falls. When a fighter dies in the heat of battle, the valkyries judge whether he is worthy to enter the abode of the gods. Those who have been valiant are then taken to the great hall where they can live and rejoice forever.


Undead vampires creep through the night, entering dark houses and sucking the blood of their poor victims. That's how they get their life force. At dawn, they return to their tombs to hide from the sunlight, which is deadly to them. Time means nothing to these bloodthirsty creatures – they do not die of old age and are very difficult to kill.

2026: ANGEL

Angels are winged messengers who serve as liaisons between the kingdoms of heaven and earth. They are omnipresent, so that they can always be near to those who need them. They embody love, security, peace, and tranquillity, but they wield great power. Although they symbolize purity, they can succumb to the temptation of darkness and become fallen angels – demons.

2026: GOBLIN

Goblins are a malevolent breed of creatures of small stature. Some are downright evil, others are rather mischievous, but they all without exception love to harm, steal and hurt. These ugly imps are not to be underestimated. One tiny goblin may seem harmless, but in groups they become dangerous. They're stealthy, cunning, and spread quickly.

2026: DRYAD

Dryads are forest creatures whose lives are inseparably linked to trees. They take the form of young and beautiful girls, but if a tree begins to wither or even perish, the same fate awaits the dryad who is connected to it. No wonder, then, that these shy nymphs defend their sacred groves from anyone who does not respect nature.

Material: Silver / Fineness: 999 / Weight: 31.1 g (1 troy ounce) / Diameter: 37 mm / Issuer: Niue / Nominal value: 2 NZD

Details of the relief are highlighted by an ANTIQUE FINISH, which gives the coins an ancient look.

The complete collection can be stored in a COLLECTOR'S BOOK.

It contains not only a number of interesting facts, but also an adventurous board game called THE JOURNEY OF HEROES!

Even Roman Šamiljan himself decided to go on a journey. It may not be a journey through the realms of fantasy, but it is full of adventure nonetheless:

"I'm Roman and this is my dog Herc. The two of us set out on foot on a 3000-KILOMETRE-LONG JOURNEY that leads from our town of Janov in the north of Bohemia to the westernmost town in Spain, which is Fisterra. We are going virtually without capital, but I have my tattoo machines with me in my backpack. I won't be tattooing for money this time. I just want to create an original for people – a kind of memento of my journey – in exchange for absolutely any practical help. I'll leave it entirely up to the situation and the people I meet. As I like to say, the journey is the destination…"

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