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The second issue of the new series of commemorative euro coins dedicated to Slovak fauna and flora, commemorates the gray wolf.

Gray wolves, Europe's largest canines
, live in packs and have a developed social sense with a fixed hierarchy and a series of communication signals. They feed on a variety of prey from insects to carrion to large ungulates. All members of the pack share the kill, and all share the care of the young. Mountain areas are home to wolves, providing plenty of food and space to build dens and raise offspring. They are permanently found in the mountains of northern, central and eastern Slovakia, but their numbers are low - approximately 150 individuals. The greatest danger to wolves is posed by people - hunters, loggers and tourists - who kill them out of fear and disturb them out of ignorance.

Czech medal maker
MgA. Josef Oplištil placed a trio of wolves on the obverse side of the coin, supplemented with a silhouette of a Slovak map and wolf footprints. The reverse side then presents three more wolves, one howling at the moon and the other in the form of a silhouette. The coin's relief also features the Slovak national emblem, the texts SLOVENSKO 2021 (Slovakia 2021) and VLK DRAVÝ (Gray Wolf), together with the nominal value of 5 EURO.

The base metal commemorative coin was minted by
the Kremnica Mint and issued by the National Bank of Slovakia.


Numbered issue
750 / 1000
8.5 g
25,75 mm
Czech Mint