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The Czech Mint prepared a collector's treat for true numismatics on the occasion of the 390th anniversary of the coronation of Ferdinand III. Habsburg by the Czech King in 1627. A set of three gold ducat mintages, consisting of one modern ducat and two replicas of rare historical specimens.

Roman emperor and Czech King Ferdinand III. was cultured, educated, family-based and loved art. However, he grew up in the difficult times of the Thirty Years' War while the unimaginable conflict revealed the entirely different skills of the young Habsburg - military talent and diplomatic skills. After the death of Albrecht of Wallenstein he became the commander of the imperial army, fighting with the Swedes, but wished to end hostilities. His peace talks culminated in the declaration of Westphalian peace. Although it meant a decline of international authority of Habsburg dynasty, on the other hand, Ferdinand III. managed to preserve the integrity of its possessions. The bad times connected with the completion of the Byzantine re-catholization should have come into Czech lands. However, Ferdinand III, though a zealous Catholic, did not inherit his father's resentment against the "heresy breed of the Hussites." Although he was an enemy of the Protestants, he was moderate in his practices and tried to ease the war-destroyed Czech lands. He liked Brno and Prague, restored the Prague Castle and developed the Prague high school.

Jubilee set dedicated to Ferdinand III. presents three gold mintages, all of them made by the leading academic sculptor Jan Lukas. The first one is a modern ducat whose motif is the crowning of the Habsburg by the Czech king. The obverse side bears the monarch's portrait, while the reverse side bears the St. Wenceslas crown. The second mintage also commemorates the Czech coronation, but it is a replica of the historical half-ducat from 1627. The third mintage is the replica of the ducat of Ferdinand III. from 1648.

The ducate triptych comes in a load of just 200 pieces of complete sets stored in a luxury etui.

8.73 g
986 / 1000
Plain edge
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Jan Lukáš
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Jan Lukáš
200 pcs
Date of issue
November 2017
Dřevěná etue
Numbered issue
Czech mint