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Return of goods within 14-day period

How to proceed if the purchased product is not what you had in mind and you want to return it within a statutory 14-day period after acceptance? The 14-day period begins the following calendar day after accepting the goods.

You can exercise this right if you purchased the goods as an individual (not a business entity). The right to return the purchased items applies to both ordering via e-shop and shopping in person. The purchased products may be returned without stating the reason for return.

The goods must be returned undamaged in the original packaging, i.e. in a capsule or an etui.

The pertinent date for meeting the return period is the date of delivery of the purchase agreement rescission and the goods to Czech Mint. Agreement rescission does not automatically give the customer the right to receive refund of all requisite costs relating to shipping the goods to the seller or refund of the shipping costs in the event the goods was delivered by a shipping company.

The returned goods must always contain a document proving that it was purchased from Czech Mint and allowing product identification.