Set of 2016 circulation coins proof - wooden case

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The Czech Mint is well versed in coin and enjoys the opportunity to display them in all their glory. Therefore, in 2016 all minted coins in circulation, of which are extraordinary quality proof are displayed in the most luxurious wooden etue.

At the same time they added something special - a silver commemorative medal, which is decorated with a motif of 50-crown banknote with St. Agnes of Bohemia.

Several authors have participated in the design process of these Czech circulation coins. For CZK 1 and CZK 2 it is Jarmila Truhlíková-Spěváková, 5 CZK proposed Jiří Harcuba, behind the coins in denominations of CZK 10 and CZK 50 stands Ladislav Kozák, the author of 20 CZK is Vladimír Oppl.

However, the artistic designs of all our banknotes are the work of one single artist- Oldřich Kulhánek. From his atelier also came out a banknote with the denomination of 50 CZK, which from April 1, 2011 is no longer valid. But, this does not detract from its beauty. The very talented graphic designer Klára Melichová, in cooperation with Vladimír Oppl  transferred an image onto this medal of pure silver. Thanks to this medal, you can recall a genius, whose work has left an indelible mark in our history - whether in the form of a bank note, stamps or other works of art.

Each of the 1500 sets of circulating coins is provided with its own numbered certificate from the State Securities Printer. This along with the luxury wood casing puts the set beyond any normal additions of the numismatic collections.

Save the numismatic year 2016 into your collections in the most valuable form possible!

Weight: 456 g
Fineness: 0 / 1000
Quality: PROOF
Code: 41604-081
Mintage: 1500 ks
Date of issue: Květen 2016
Packaging: Wooden case
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: Yes
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Czech national bank
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