Set of circulation coins 2020 Central Bohemian Region stand

Set of circulation coins 2020 Central Bohemian Region stand

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Set of circulation coins 2020 Central Bohemian Region stand

The Czech Mint, in cooperation with the Czech National Bank, is issuing a series of sets of circulation coins that commemorate our regions. The series of the Central Bohemian Region was issued in 2020.

The Central Bohemian Region, which is
the largest and most populous region in the Czech Republic, surrounds the capital city of Prague where some of the most famous stories of Czech history were written. Karlštejn Castle is an integral part of the reign of Charles IV. and the chateau in Lány is again closely connected with the presidential tradition started by T. G. Masaryk. While the Vlašský dvůr in Kutná Hora was the silver treasury of the whole kingdom, the counterfeit workshop was located in the Koněprusy Caves. The Old Boleslav relief of the Madonna and Baby Jesus  known as the Palladium of the Czech land protects the whole country, and when it is our worst, an army led by St. Wenceslas will set out from Mount Blaník to help us.

The obverse side of the
commemorative token, processed by the young medal maker Aneta Masná, is dominated by three magnificent buildings of the Central Bohemian Region - the Gothic Křivoklát Castle (famous as the prison where Master Edward Kelley lived), the Gothic church of the patron St. Barbara in Kutná Hora) and the romantic castle Konopiště (which was the seat of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este). The composition of the obverse side is supplemented with the emblem of the Central Bohemian Region. The reverse side of the token is then dedicated to the confluence of the two most important Czech rivers - the Elbe and the Vltava. The pair of wavy lines refers to the emblem of the region, the town of Mělník is represented by the town hall building and the tradition of river voyage is symbolized by a steering wheel with an anchor. Of course, the set of circulation coins can not miss currency - six metal coins with nominal values of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK, which were minted in 2020 and have never been released into circulation.

All this is set in a thematic packaging in the form of
a Czech-English booklet that commemorates interesting sights of the region in the form of words and pictures. You can store the complete collection of Czech regions in a practical collector's box.


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