Set of circulation coins Czech Republic 2021 stand

Set of circulation coins Czech Republic 2021 stand

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March 2021
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Set of circulation coins Czech Republic 2020

The Czech Mint, in cooperation with the Czech National Bank, regularly issues a comprehensive set of Czech circulation coins, which are supplemented with a commemorative token and stored in an elegant packaging with motifs of the Czech Republic. The year 2021 is no exception.

You come into contact with
metal coins almost every day, but have you ever thought about what their relief actually depicts? The crown coin bears the St. Wenceslas crown and the double crown presents a button - a decorative jewel from the times of the Great Moravian Empire. Coins with higher nominal values then belong to the architecture of the Czech Republic. The five-crown coin commemorates the legendary Charles Bridge over the Vltava River. The ten-crown coin belongs to Petrov - the panorama of the Brno Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Twenty-crown coin is dedicated to the monument to St. Wenceslas from Prague's Wenceslas Square. The fifty-crown coin, which was declared the most beautiful circulation coin in the world in 1993, bears unique buildings characteristic of our capital such as Charles Bridge, the National Theater, the Church of St. Nicholas and Prague Castle with the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

In the set you will find
six circulation coins which were made in a more gentle way than the currency that goes into circulation. The year 2021 is embossed on each coin. The relief of the accompanying commemorative token, which is the work of medal maker David Kružliak, presents Prague's architectural gems and world-famous Czech crafts – wine-growing, brewing, glassmaking, spas and the organization of an international film festival.

The packaging of the set takes the form of a
Czech-English pop-up book full of photographs and interesting facts about the sights of the Czech Republic.


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