Set of eurocoin - 30th anniversary independent Slovakia proof (wooden box)

Set of eurocoin - 30th anniversary independent Slovakia proof (wooden box)

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The year 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic. This historical milestone of Slovak statehood is commemorated by a luxurious set of Slovak euro coins minted in quality proof.

Apart from the Second World War, the common state of Czechs and Slovaks existed from 28 October 1918 to 31 December 1992. During that time, its name has been changed many times. We had the Czechoslovak Republic, the Czecho-Slovak Republic, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic. The main motive for the creation of the common state was the desire to gain control over the German and Hungarian population in 1918, but this reason disappeared at the end of the second millennium. On the other hand, the differences between Czechs and Slovaks were becoming more and more noticeable. Therefore, these two nations were separated after 74 long years. It was a peaceful parting. The chaos experienced by the inhabitants of the disintegrating Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union did not take place in the heart of Europe. “The Velvet Divorce“, as the Western media called the situation, still serves as an example of a positive division of the state that can ultimately lead to improved and strengthened relations between nations. The two republics, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, are still close to each other - not only geographically. Our cultures, languages, mindsets and characters are so similar that we will always remain “brothers“...

The complete set includes all valid euro circulation coins issued by the National Bank of Slovakia and minted by the Slovak Mint of Mincovňa Kremnica in 2023. The nominal values are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 c and €1 and €2, which are accompanied by a thematic commemorative token.

The set is stored in a wooden case.


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