Set of four 2 oz silver coins Fateful Eights proof

Set of four 2 oz silver coins Fateful Eights proof

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October 2018
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It is remarkable that the most important years that shaped the history of Czechoslovakia ended with an eighth. The commemorative set of the Czech Mint called "Revival Eight" commemorates their round anniversaries through four coins. Each coin is embossed from two troy ounces of pure silver in the "piedfort" design. The coins with this designation are double the thickness of the traditional mintages. They are very popular in the world and it is a premiere of the Czech Mint in this respect.

The First World War, which ended 100 years ago, gave Czechs and Slovaks the opportunity to prove that they deserve their own state, and that they have emerged from the harsh Austrian-Hungarian Empire by their actions on the political and battlefields. The Munich Agreement , a shameful documentary by which the European Powers approached the demands of Nazi Germany and which culminated in the efforts of Adolf Hitler to break the democratic Czechoslovakia was signed 80 years ago. Czechoslovakia became a vassal of the Soviet Union 70 years ago after the Communist coup, which its creators led by Klement Gottwald called the Victory of February, and a totalitarian regime was established for the next four decades. The Prague Spring, a short period of liberalization in Communist Czechoslovakia, which should lead to the emergence of socialism with a human face, was abruptly and violently suppressed 50 years ago by the military occupation of the "friendly" armies of the Warsaw Pact.

"When I read the information about each event, it was clear to me that it was always a different context and other circumstances. The common denominator of these events, however, was that they all happened to our republic, symbol of which is the lion. Each of these events that happened during the first hundred years of the republic significantly influenced and changed sovereignty of the Czech lion. I hope that the outcome of my efforts is clear about these changes," says MgA. Josef Oplistil, who is the author of four coins.

On the first coin, the Czech lion smashes the Habsburg eagle with its massive paws, while a linden branch serves him as a wedge. On the other coin, the Czech lion is smashed by four wedges, symbolizing the signatories of the Munich dictate, and getting the shape of a hooked cross. On the third coin, the Czech lion is losing his crown cut off by a five-pointed socialist star. On the fourth coin the Czech lion is fastened and scraped with barbed wire in the shape of a five-pointed socialist star.

The four coins, together with a certificate of authenticity, are placed in a luxurious wooden etui decorated with a thematic engraving.


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Author of the obverse
MgA. Josef Oplištil
Author of the reverse
MgA. Josef Oplištil
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999 / 1000
248.8 g
37 mm
Light wooden case
Czech Mint