Set of four silver medals Tribute to Jiri Harcuba proof

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Jiří Harcuba was an artist with an unmistakable signature style and his work has rightly achieved global acclaim. He excelled not only in glass art, imprinting his talent in a number of unique numismatic works as well. Everyone knows the current 5CZK coin, his work. Czech Mint has decided to pay tribute to his lifelong work with an extraordinary set of three original medals and one unique replica.

Jiří Harcuba was born in Harrachov in 1928 and died in 2013. He first learned to be a glass engraver, then graduated from the State Technical School in Nový Bor. He studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, focusing on sculpture and engraving with Professor Stipl. Jiří Harcuba became interested in competitions for new coin and medal designs in the 1960s. One of his designs cost him four months in prison – it was a silver medal designed for fellow countrymen in the USA whose replica is included in this Czech Mint set. The original was made on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and illustrates the events of 21 August 1968. Jiří Harcuba’s works were much discussed by experts, primarily because of their uniqueness and courage. This may also be why the world’s premier universities invited him for lectures until old age.

With this unique set, Czech Mint is also introducing three other attractive works by Jiří Harcuba – medals with the motifs of important Czech cultural history personalities - Gustav Mahler, Alfons Mucha and Josef Kajetán Tyl. The medals’ reverse side is common to all three pure silver gems, bearing the beautiful Muse motif. All four numismatic gems are contained in a wooden box with theme engraving, a remembrance brochure and a certificate of authenticity. Do not hesitate and enrich your collection with the masterful work of a nonconformist medal designer, which is limited to just 600 units!

64 g
999 / 1000
34 mm
Plain edge
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Jiří Harcuba/ak. soch. Jiří Dostál/ak. soch Jan Lukáš
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Jiří Harcuba/ak. soch. Jiří Dostál/ak. soch Jan Lukáš
600 pcs
Date of issue
September 2015
Dřevěná etue
Numbered issue
Czech mint