Set of two thalers Royal couples - Borivoj I. and Ludmila proof

Set of two thalers Royal couples - Borivoj I. and Ludmila proof

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Royal couples

The seventh set of two silver thalers from the Czech Mint's Royal Couple series, which pays tribute to important historical couples, is dedicated to Bořivoj I. and St. Ludmila.

When Ludmila, the daughter of the pagan Grand Duke of Pšov, married Prince Bořivoj I, she certainly had no idea that a new stage in the history of Central Europe was beginning. She accepted baptism alongside her husband, who was the first historically documented Bohemian ruler descended from the Přemyslids, and brought the new faith to Bohemia, where the Přemyslids ruled. It did not take her long to forget the Slavic gods, and in the spirit of Christianity, introduced to her at the court of the Great Moravian prince Svatopluk by the patron saint Methodius himself, she devoted her life to caring for her neighbours. Always a gentle and fair woman, was especially known for her kindness and generosity - to the poor, the infirm, widows and orphans. Bořivoj's attitude to Christianity was rather pragmatic. If he wanted to treat the powerful Svatopluk as an equal and gain his support, he had to worship the same god. Great Moravian military support soon proved crucial, as an uprising, orchestrated by supporters of the Frankish empire, broke out in Bohemia. The victorious Bořivoj had the first churches built in Bohemia out of gratitude, but he did not live long. Prince Vratislav was one of the six children he fathered with Ludmilla. This competent ruler, who was the first to expand beyond the borders of the Bohemian basin, married the pagan Drahomíra, who, although she embraced Christianity, did not abound in love for her neighbours. She did not even love her mother-in-law Ludmilla, whom she had murdered after Vratislaus´ death. She wanted to gain undisturbed rule over the country and absolute influence over the upbringing of her sons, Wenceslas and Boleslaus, whose legendary fratricidal feud became an integral part of our national identity...

"The period depictions of Bořivoj and Ludmila have not been preserved. The portraits on the joint obverse side are idealised, but the hair and drapery are respectful of the period. The pair, consisting of a male and female head, is connected by a cross referring to the moment of the baptism of Bořivoj and Ludmila associated with the year 882. Given the uncertainty surrounding the basic dates of the prince and princess' lives, only the dates of their deaths, which are more likely, were used," says academic sculptor Michal Vitanovský. "The reverse side of the prince recalls how Bořivoj founded the first church in Bohemia. The form of the Church at Levý Hradec has long been identified with the type of rotunda, the ground plan of which serves as a secondary motif. According to more recent opinions, however, the rotunda was preceded by an even older sacral building, most probably wooden. The choice of the motif for the reverse side of the princess was then based primarily on her role as grandmother and teacher. There is no evidence that Ludmila and her grandson Wenceslas were literate, and the motif of religious instruction is therefore represented only by general gestures. The sainthood, which occurred after their death, is expressed by the haloes," adds the author of the thalers and an expert on Czech history.

The pair of thalers is placed in an elegant wooden box whose lid is decorated with the personalities of the ruling couple symbolised by chess pieces. The package also includes an illustrated certificate of authenticity with an accompanying word written by the author.


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Czech mint
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ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
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999 / 1000
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Light wooden case
Czech Mint