Set of two thalers Royal couples - George of Poděbrady and Joanna of Rožmitál proof

Set of two thalers Royal couples - George of Poděbrady and Joanna of Rožmitál proof

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The czech female rulers were not only representative, educated and beautiful. Often they were extremely capable, strong and reliable. They were confidants and advisers to their powerful husbands, they were not afraid to manage the state in their absence or after their death, and they were able to fight for their country on both the political and the battlefields. George of Poděbrady and Joanna of Rožmitál are the first of the seven great ruling couples to whom the Czech Mint pays tribute by means of silver tolars.

The bond of marriage of two strong personalities was solid and straight. The wife of the last king of Bohemia, who joined the divided country and sought peace in the whole of Europe, became an energetic noble woman who did not hesitate to personally summon the land and draw her head against the enemy that threatened the country. Joanna was the only czech queen coming from the state of the nobility just like George. Although George was a hussite and Joanna was catholic. they were an example of religious tolerance. Joanne stood faithfully with her husband after his death, recalling his political affinities, and succeeded in enforcing his intention Vladislav Jagellon to become the King of Bohemia. He was well aware of the importance of her personality and her as a great helper.

The cademic sculptor Michal Vitanovský became the author of the whole cycle. "On the common obverse side there are the faces of George of Poděbrady and Joanna of Rožmitál in great detail without any attributes, only with the names in the inscriptions. Concentration on face expression should emphasize the human dimension of a loving relationship between two people," explains the medal maker. The reverse side of the ducat devoted to the king presents George of Poděbrady sitting on the throne together with three symbols of papacy, which are the cross, the tiara and the sword from which radiates hostility to the king, which culminated in the rebuke in 1466. "I chose her standing figure with a book in her hand or a reverse side dedicated to Queen Joanna. In the background there is a hint of a medieval script with a working monk. The design recalls the prayer book the queen had made as a present for her husband. It is an excellent cultural monument, which presents the poor Poděbrady period. The composition is complemented by the inscription with the year 1463," adds Michal Vitanovský.

Each pair of tolars includes an elegant wooden box whose head is decorated with chess set symbolizing King and Queen. Each packaging includes a certificate of authenticity with the accompanying word of the author.


Collectors set
Czech mint
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
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999 / 1000
58 g
40 mm
Light wooden case
Czech Mint