Silver 200-crown coin Kamil Lhoták proof

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Silver 200-crown coin Kamil Lhoták proof

Painter  Kamil Lhoták (born 25 July 1912 in Prague) graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University. But even during these studies, he devoted himself to painting rather than law. From his young age he was keenly interested in arts, in particular painting and literature, although he did not study any art school. In 1940 he became a member of the Artists’ Society (Umělecká beseda), between1942-48 he engaged in activities of Group 42 (Skupina 42), and from 1945 in The HOLLAR Association of Czech Graphic Artists. His first independent exhibition took place in 1939, from 1946 he also exhibited abroad and in 1947 he won the 1st prize in the film section of the Venice Biennale for animated film Atom at the crossroads.

Lhoták was an entirely self-taught painter; he developed his own individual and original style and it is almost impossible to classify his paintings into art genres. They are strongly influenced by poetry, although technology and its inventions from the beginning of the 20th century became his main source of inspiration - in particular the pioneering inventions of motoring, aviation and the railroads in addition to the motives of the Prague periphery (e.g. Railway station, 1942; Balloon fence, 1938; Call of faraway places; Wall of memories, 1954). Despite the dreamy atmosphere and poetic character  Lhoták's paintings retain strong reference to the real world and specific features.

Lhoták also illustrated many books, in particular those written by Adolf Branald.

Silver two-hundred crown coin commemorating the 100th anniversary of birth of Kamil Lhoták is the fourth of five 200-crown coins issued by the Czech National Bank (CNB) in 2012.

The design of the coin resulted from a country-wide anonymous contest organized by the Czech National Bank. The winning design was created by Tereza Eisnerová.

Coins for CNB are struck by Czech Mint of 0.925 fine silver in standard and proof qualities, differing in the surface finish and the edge. Proof coins have highly polished field, matted relief and the edge is smooth, while the edge of standard quality coins is reeded. The diameter of the coin is 31 mm, it weighs 13 g and is 2.35 mm thick.

The obverse side features a motif from the painting „Plovatka“ (Floatee) complemented with other free motifs. The denomination of the coin – 200 Kč and the name of the country ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA is in circumscription.

The reverse side shows the portrait of Kamil Lhoták, with his signature on the collar. Years 1912–2012 and the painter’s name KAMIL LHOTÁK spread around the rim.

 A blue catalogue card is supplied with each coin containing description of the coin and its three-dimensional depiction.

Limited edition 13,200 pcs

13 g
925 / 1000
31 mm
Plain lettered edge
Author of the obverse
Tereza Eisnerová
Author of the reverse
Tereza Eisnerová
13200 pcs
Date of issue
June 2012
Blue plastic case M33
Numbered issue
Czech national bank
Nominal value
200 Kč