Silver coin 1 Oz 2 NZD Harry Potter 2021 Lord Voldemort

Silver coin 1 Oz 2 NZD Harry Potter 2021 Lord Voldemort

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May 2021
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Product description

The sixth silver coin from the collector's series inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter commemorates Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort
, quite possibly the most feared wizard of all time, became famous not only for his desire to rule the world, but also for his immense hatred of Muggles and non-pure-blooded wizards. The paradox is that he himself was a descendant of a Muggle father, who left him before he was born, and a magician's mother, who died in childbirth. Voldemort's magical talent was unprecedented - but his ancestor was the great Salazar the Slytherin, and Albus Dumbledore himself chose him for the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Hogwarts. Already during his studies, Voldemort devoted himself to black magic and began to long for immortality, for which he did not hesitate to murder. When he killed Harry Potter´s parents, he unknowingly created a fateful adversary who was to thwart all his plans…

On the reverse of the coin you will find the figure of
Voldemort - with a snake's face twisted in anger and a wand ready to cast a deadly curse. The obverse side then presents the portrait and the name of Queen Elizabeth II, the year of issue 2021 and the nominal value of TWO DOLLARS (NZD) - the attributes of the issuer of the coin, which is the island of Niue. The coin was officially minted by the team of New Zealand Mint.

An integral part of the issue is an elegant
wooden case with a special mechanism that is used to display the coin.


Numbered issue
999 / 1000
31.1 g
40 mm
Dřevěná etue
Czech Mint