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Silver coin 200 CZK First defenestration in Prague proof

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Hussitism is one of the key moments of our history, so the Czech National Bank could not forget the 600th anniversary of the First Prague Defenestration. A silver coin with a nominal value of 200 CZK was coined in top quality proof.

The year 1419 was characterized by the unrest caused by the internal struggles, economic problems and despicable conditions in the Church which burned to death the beloved Master Jan Hus four years before. Receiving from the chalice - a symbol of returning to the original pure faith - has spread throughout the country. The rural people were listening to wandering preachers, and there were disputes over the churches among the proponents and opponents of Caliphic ideas in the cities. The Czech King Wenceslas IV, who had still protected the Hussites, stayed away. It was only in response to the threats of his brother Sigismund, the King of Roman and Hungarian, and the growing Hussite daring. He ordered the return of the Catholic parish priests who had been expelled from the churches by the Hussites, and installed the Prague anti-Hussite city council in New Town on the day of the anniversary of Hus' burning. The new town councillors began to act immediately, throwing their opponents and well-known Hussite rioters into jails, expelling the Hussite pupils from the parish schools and banning the Caliphic processions. The Hus' followers had run out of patience on July 30th. Jan Želivský, a fanatical priest, gathered an angry crowd that first forced him back into the Church of St. Stephen and then went to the town hall, where the New Town councillors met to discuss how to end the unrest. However, a crowd led by Želivský had arrived under the town hall windows, demanding the release of its brothers from prison. When the councilors headed by the Burgrave refused, the crowd overcame the guards and burst into the building. Officers who had not been killed were thrown out of the windows at the spears. The first blood of the Hussite wars was spilled ...

The academic sculptor Majka Wichnerová became the author of the commemorative coin. The Czech National Bank's expert commission praised the “depiction of the atmosphere of the crowd coming from the Church of Our Lady of the Snows and the act of defenestration”.

All Czech coins are coined by the Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou.

13 g
925 / 1000
31 mm
Plain lettered edge
Date of issue
July 2019
Blue plastic case M33
Numbered issue
Czech national bank
Nominal value
200 Kč