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Silver coin 200 CZK First defenestration in Prague stand

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The Czech National Bank released another commemorative issue commemorating the pivotal event of the Hussite movement after the coin with the motif of burning Jan Hus to death. The silver coin 200 CZK stamped in quality standard was dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the first Prague defenestration.

The Old Testament tells the story of the sadistic Queen Jezebel, who was overthrown from the palace window by her servants after the coup. Throwing out of the window is a collective dehonestation and a dishonour of official authority. However, this act is called "defenestration" (from the Latin "de" - ie, from - and "fenestra" - or window) thanks to the Czech lands, where throwing dignitaries out of windows has become not only a symbol of dissatisfaction but also a chaos and suffering for whole Europe. The first Prague defenestration took place in 1419, but its story began four years earlier when the church burned to death its beloved master Jan Hus. His thoughts did not die with him - they spread inexorably across the kingdom, gaining more and more support among the dissatisfied people. Czech King Wenceslaus IV had to join the disputes between Catholics and Hus' supporters who demanded an altar sacrament of Utraquist. In response to the pressure of the Roman King Sigismund and the growing Hussite arrogance, he established anti-Hussite city council in the New Town. The Hussite priests had to leave the churches, their processions were forbidden, and their brothers were thrown into jail provocatively on the day of Jan Hus' burning. Jan Želivský, the fanatical follower of Hus' teaching, did not enjoy it, and gave a flaming speech that angered the gathered Hussites on July 30. The crowd first went to St. Stephen's Church, from where Želivský was expelled under the royal decree, and then to the Town Hall, where Želivský demanded compensation for the injustice. But the councilors did not follow him, so the crowd burst into the building. Officers who had not been killed were thrown out of the windows at the spears. Soon, a fire of the Hussite wars burned out of a small flame ...

The academic sculptor Majka Wichnerová became the author of the commemorative coin. The reverse side presents a Hussite procession coming out of the Church of St. Stephen and the obverse side is dedicated to the act of defenestration.

The Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou is the exclusive producer of all Czech coins.

13 g
925 / 1000
31 mm
Reeded edge
Date of issue
July 2019
Numbered issue
Czech national bank
Nominal value
200 Kč