Silver coin 200 Kč Dana Zátopková, Emil Zátopek proof

Silver coin 200 Kč Dana Zátopková, Emil Zátopek proof

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September 2022

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The silver coin of the Czech National Bank with a nominal value of 200 CZK, which boasts top-quality proof, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dana and Emil Zátopek.

The history of sport knows no more famous couple than
Dana and Emil Zátopek. These Czechoslovak Olympic champions, European champions and holders of various records and awards were united by many things. Apart from their sporting talent and enthusiasm, it was also their date of birth. They were both born in the same year and on the same day, on 19 September 1922. Their teamwork was unusual - Dana won the javelin throw on the same day that Emil won the five-kilometre race at the Helsinki Olympics. "I was so nervous I didn't want to go into the stands and stayed in the dressing room with my head in a towel so I wouldn't hear the screams from the stands. Then my friends told me that Emil had won, and he brought me the gold medal before I went to throw to borrow it as a talisman. I had it in my bag on the field and it helped me! It was the first time I threw over 50 metres and I won," the javelin legend commemorated that glorious day.

In the art competition of the Czech National Bank, the design made by medal maker
Vojtěch Dostál, DiS. The expert committee particularly appreciated "the very interesting composition of athletic motifs and the national flag on the obverse side and the excellent portraits of Dana and Emil Zátopek in motion on the reverse side".

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is the exclusive producer of Czech coins - both commemorative and circulation.


Czech national bank
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925 / 1000
13 g
31 mm
Blue plastic case M33
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