Silver Coin 3 Oz Leopard proof

Silver Coin 3 Oz Leopard proof

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Product description

Hypnotic silver coin with leopard motif pays tribute to the imaginative natural camouflage.

The leopard is strong and robust, yet elegant and slender. Its magnificent coat is yellowish with rounded black spots. It would seem that the distinctive pattern must give the predator away rather than hide it from the eyes of the prey it is about to catch. But the opposite is true. "You can lie on the dry ground and you'll look like a pile of pebbles. You can lie on a bare rock and you'll look like a lump of adhesive. You can lie on a branch and you will look like sunshine coming through the leaves; and you can lie right in the middle of the road and you will look like nothing special," wrote Rudyard Kipling in a short story called How the Leopard Got His Spots. The British writer aptly described that the spotted fur serves as camouflage. It also camouflages the leopard perfectly when it moves, where the dark pattern on a light background creates brownish blotches that blend in perfectly with its surroundings. The shade, density and size of the big cat's spots vary according to the environment, with each individual having its own unique pattern - a kind of inimitable "fingerprint".

The reverse side of the commemorative coin is spotted, with the design concealing a lurking leopard in vivid colours. Thanks to the optical illusion, the coin gives a distinctive three-dimensional impression. The obverse side is then filled with abstract shapes that gradually transition into animal camouflage. The attributes of the issuer of the coin - the national emblem of the Republic of Palau and the nominal value of 20$ (USD) - are also incorporated in the middle of the obverse side. All this is processed in deep relief.

Power Coin's innovative coin is placed in an elegant frame to be displayed.


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999 / 1000
93.3 g
45 mm
Czech Mint