Silver coin Solar System - Mars proof

Silver coin Solar System - Mars proof

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November 2020
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Solar System

The Czech Mint dedicated another silver coin from the Solar System cycle to the planet Mars.

is similar to Earth in many ways, therefore, seems to be the best candidate for the so-called terraformation - a hypothetical process that would make the planet habitable for humanity. Its day is almost as long as the earth's, it has a season, polar ice caps and a thin atmosphere. However, potential colonists would have to deal with a number of problems. The temperature on the surface of Mars fluctuates significantly during the year - its orbit is very elliptical, so its distance from the Sun is variable. Moreover, Mars has only a residual magnetic field, so nothing protects it from sunlight.… The surface of the "red planet" with giant canyons and volcanoes is reddish, due to the iron oxides contained in the soil. Two tiny moons, called Phobos and Deimos -Terror and Horror, orbit Mars, which is named after the Roman god of war.

Medal makers
Asamat Baltaev, DiS., and Jiří Hanuš, DiS. dedicated the reverse side of the coin to depiction of Mars in vivid colors thanks to pad printing technology. The relief then shows the Sun surrounded by the orbits of other planets in the solar system. The composition is closed by the inscription MARS. Photographs or computer graphics were not used as a template for coloring - the medal makers created original watercolor paintings. The coin surface of the mintage is characterized by a special treatment - a combination of proofing, sandblasting and laser treatment of the dies resulted in a new effect, which we called "moon dust". The obverse side of the coin is dedicated to the depiction of the entire solar system and presents astronomical symbols of individual planets. In the center of the system you will find a portrait of Elizabeth II., which is together with the name of Queen, the year of issue 2020 and nominal value of 1 DOLLAR (NZD) the necessary element of the issuer of the coin. This is the Pacific island of Niue, which provides the Czech Mint with a foreign license to mint its own commemorative coins.

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Collectors set
Nominal value
Author of the obverse
Asamat Baltaev, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Asamat Baltaev, DiS., Jiří Hanuš, DiS.
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
31.1 g
37 mm
Silver paper case or Black leather case with special wrapper
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