Silver coin The 40th Birthday of HRH The Duke of Cambridge brill

Silver coin The 40th Birthday of HRH The Duke of Cambridge brill

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May 2022

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Prince William, who represents not only the ideal heir to the throne but also a husband and father of a family, celebrates his 40th birthday. To mark the occasion, The Royal Mint issued the commemorative coin that pays tribute to him.

Prince William
, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and son of Prince Charles, boasts a number of prestigious titles. He is Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn and Baron of Carrickfergus. When his father comes to the throne, William will inherit the titles of Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothsay and Prince of Wales. And when he eventually becomes King of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, for which he has been conscientiously preparing since birth, he will take the name William V. However, the fact that he was born into a noble family does not mean he did not work for it - he became a Master of Arts, for example, the highest academic award ever given to the heir to the British throne.

The reverse side of the coin, which is the work of artist
Thomas T. Docherty, presents a charismatic portrait of Prince William, his royal monogram and the numer 40. The obverse side of the coin is dedicated to the attributes of the issuer - i.e. the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the text ELIZABETH II D G REG F D (Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith), the year of issue 2022 and the nominal value of 5 POUNDS (GBP).

The commemorative coin is minted from
base metals and stored in a special packaging that presents Prince William's life in words and pictures (in English).


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0 / 1000
28.28 g
38,61 mm
Czech Mint