Silver coin The legend of King Arthur - Guinevere and Lancelot proof

Silver coin The legend of King Arthur - Guinevere and Lancelot proof

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July 2021
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King Arthur

The third silver coin from the Czech Mint's four-part miniseries inspired by the legend of King Arthur recalls the story of the fateful love between the knight Lancelot and Queen Ginevra.

Arthur's legendary comrades-in-arms were
the knights who sat with him at a round table where all were equal. They included the valiant Gawain, the pure Galahad, the treacherous Mordred and the loyal Lancelot. The first task the king gave Lancelot was to bring him the sprightly Ginevra, who was Arthur's promised bride. The task looked easy, but as soon as the knight saw his future queen, he fell in love with her. Ginevra returned his feelings, but her commitment to her betrothed was stronger. Lancelot then tried to forget his love in his many adventures, but in vain. When Queen Ginevra was kidnapped by Arthur's enemy Maleagant, Lancelot besieged his castle and rescued his lady. Although both were deeply devoted to Arthur, they could no longer resist the love that flared between them after this event. When Arthur learned of their betrayal, he declared war on Lancelot. Taking advantage of the chaos, Mordred declared himself the new King of England and clashed with Arthur in a battle that cost them their lives... Ginevra and Lancelot suffered from feeling of guilt and decided to retire. The queen gave up her crown and became a nun, the knight gave up his arms and lived the rest of his life as a hermit.

On the reverse of the coin, the medal maker
Asamat Baltaev, DiS., depicted Lancelot and Ginevra in each other's arms - on horseback, they ride away from Maleagant's castle, which looms behind them. Following the previous coins of the cycle, the background depicts a cross, which in combination with the circular circumference of the coin refers to the Celtic-Christian origin of the legend (it is the so-called Celtic cross). The composition of the reverse side is supplemented with the English inscription LANCELOT - GUINEVERE. The obverse side of the coin represents the mythical round table and is decorated with the coats of arms of Arthur's knights. As the coins of the Czech Mint are licensed by the foreign issuer, the island of Niue, the obverse side bears the name and portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the nominal value of 1 DOLLAR (NZD) and the year of issue 2021.

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Collectors set
Nominal value
Author of the obverse
Asamat Baltaev, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Asamat Baltaev, DiS.
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999 / 1000
31.1 g
37 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint