Silver coin Universal Goddess - Bastet stand

Silver coin Universal Goddess - Bastet stand

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November 2021
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Universal Goddess

The Czech Mint dedicated the silver coin to the fifth ancient goddess, the Egyptian Bastet.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as sacred creatures.
Egyptian statues, reliefs and paintings always depict cats well-groomed and well-fed, which testifies to the special care they were given. When a cat died, its family kept mourning and had their pet mummified. Killing a cat was punishable by death. The feline beasts represented the incarnation of the gods. In ancient Egypt, two cat goddesses were worshipped - the benevolent Bastet and the fierce Sachmet - often merging into one. This goddess with the head of a cat or lioness is the protector of mankind and the embodiment of refined femininity. Like a cat, she can be calm and relaxed one moment, but the next she can show an unexpected temperament and fierce predation. The cat goddess was worshipped by pharaohs and common people, and she provided them not only with peace and protection, but also fertility and beauty.

The reverse side of the coin, designed by medal maker
Ludmila Kracíková, DiS., presents Bastet with a seductive female body and the head of a lioness. In her hand she holds a Nile cross, which symbolizes life - both earthly and afterlife. The figure of the goddess is surrounded by Egyptian hieroglyphs and decorative ornaments, which can also be found on the obverse side of the coin. They are accompanied by motifs of Greek, Norse, Slavic and Hindu origin - the obverse side is common to the entire cycle of divine coins. As the coins of the Czech Mint are issued with the licence of a foreign issuer, which is the island of Niue, the obverse side bears its necessary elements - the nominal value of 10 DOLLARS (NZD), the name and portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the year of issue 2021.

The great goddesses of the world are immortalised on large coins - each weighing
five troy ounces.


Collectors set
Nominal value
10 NZD
Author of the obverse
Kolektiv autorů
Author of the reverse
Ludmila Kracíková, DiS.
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
155.5 g
65 mm
Blackpaper case
Czech Mint