Silver investment coin 1 Oz Star Wars Yoda proof

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“Judge me by my size, do you?” Not you should. With me is the Force. The Force Is My Ally.

The force of life. Grow it helps. Its energy is all around us and enlightened by her we all are, son. Not in this body - around feel the Force you must. Here, in you, in me, in tree, in stone. Everywhere. Yes, even in this water, in the marsh and in your ship."

The wisdom of Master Yoda will not leave any fan of the Star Wars at rest.

The most prudent and mightiest of the ancient order of the knights of the Jedi, is a crucial figure in the space saga and now also the motive of one ounce silver coin.

Yoda first appeared in the fifth episode of the film, subtitled The Empire Strikes Back. He was originally portrayed by a puppet designed by Stuart Freeborn, who, at its creation, was inspired by his own face and the face of Albert Einstein. Its life breathed into it the  puppeteer Frank Oz - not only that he animated the figure, but he also provided her with an unforgettable growling voice and even invented a special word order, which is so characteristic for the wise alien. With the arrival of the computer animation Yoda obtained a complete digital form, in order to participate in the events of the Clone Wars on the silver screen. For most fans, however, he will forever remain mainly a sage and hermit living in the marshy planet Dagobah, who had learned Luke Skywalker the ways of the Force, and Jedi Knights. It is in this role, that he is displayed on the reverse of the silver commemorative coin. The obverse is dedicated to the attributes of the issuer, which is the New Zealand NIUE ISLAND: the name and portrait of the head of the Commonwealth Elizabeth II., a nominal value of TWO DOLLARS (NZD) and the year of issue 2016. The coin was designed by a design team of New Zealand Mint.

A part of each coin is the certificate of origin with an emblem of the Rebel Alliance and a luxurious wooden box, which lets you expose the coin, so that every fan will be envious!

Material: Silver
Weight: 31.1 g
Fineness: 999 / 1000
Diameter: 40,6 mm
Quality: PROOF
Edge: Reeded edge
Code: 84102-751
Mintage: 10000 ks
Packaging: Wooden case
Numbered issue: Yes
Certificate: Yes
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Niue
Nominal value 2 NZD
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