Silver medal apostle Saint Peter standard

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Silver medal apostle Saint Peter standard

Czech Mint opens a new series called The Twelve Apostles. Each year, it will strike a limited number of medals with a motif related to one of apostles according to the New Testament and the gospel. The first medal will feature Saint Peter, originally named Simon, who was a fisherman in Galilee, and who was chosen by Jesus to be one of his twelve disciples and spread the gospel.

Jesus gave hime the name of Peter which means “rock“ symbolizing a base on which his church would be built. The first meeting of Jesus with Simon (later renamed Peter) took place during fishing at Lake Genesareth as well as their last meeting when Jesus appeared after his resurrection to Peter and the other apostles.

The author of the medal used symbols of water and fishermen’s nets full of fish, because namely the fish became the oldest symbol of the Christian religion. Jesus told Simon: “Come ye after me, and I will make you to be the fisher of men“ comparing the spreading of gospel to net fishing“.

Saint Peter is featured on the obverse side of the medal. The entire area of the reverse side is adorned with the motif of Jesus and the apostles on a boat catching fish.

Limited edition 1,000 pieces.

Material: Silver
Weight: 13 g
Fineness: 999 / 1000
Diameter: 28 mm
Edge: Plain lettered edge
Author of the obverse: ak. soch. Majka Wichnerová
Author of the reverse: ak. soch. Majka Wichnerová
Code: 30594-720
Mintage: 1000 ks
Date of issue: Listopad 2011
Packaging: Blue leather case
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: Yes
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Czech mint
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