Silver medal Birth of Vlasta Burian standard

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Code 31156-750

The silver commemorative medals Vlasta Burian are the refunds for a cancellations of the  issue from the Czech National Bank and are based on the winning proposal of the competition. It is complemented by the COA with a thematic text.

This year will mark 125 years since the day the "King of Comedy" Vlasta Burian was born. The Czech Mint, to mark this precious jubilee, prepared a true delicacy for the numismatists and film fans - a commemorative silver medal with a matt finish standard, dedicated to the legacy of a wonderful actor, who relentlessly tickles our midriff with his genuine humor every time he appears on the television screen.

Vlasta Burian was born in Liberec to the father Anonín, who was a tailor, but also a passionate theatrical amateur actor and a patriot. Therefore, he moved from the predominantly German Liberec to Prague with his family. There for Vlasta opened a new opportunities to express his unique talent. He started out as a comedian in the Rokoko, later featured in the cabaret Red Seven. As time passed, he formed his own theater and became its main star.

But however, he won the hearts of all the Czechs through the roles he played in the movies - during his life he presented himself in 4 silent films and 36 sound films. In the 30s and 40s he was rightly the most popular Czech actor. Popelec Hadimrška, a heroic captain Korkorán, a sharpshooter Anton Špelec, counselor Atakdále - just pronouncing the names of these famous characters of Burian invokes an amused smile on everyone's face. Yet the decades have passed from the shooting of the last of his films!

Although Vlasta Burian died in 1962, he lives on through his art. The Czech Mint commemorates his exceptional contribution to the Czech culture in a form of a small work of art, which compiled the excellent medalist Jaroslav Bejvl. On the obverse he captured the actors characteristic portrait, along with the dates 1981 and 2016 and the name VLASTA BURIAN. For the reverse he then compiled an imaginative composition formed of a spirally twisted film strip, bearing the text  FILM ACOR AND COMEDIAN. The beautiful commemorative medal will not only liven up your collections, but will also be a delight as an original gift!

Material: Silver
Weight: 16 g
Fineness: 999 / 1000
Diameter: 34 mm
Edge: Reeded edge
Author of the obverse: Jaroslav Bejvl
Author of the reverse: Jaroslav Bejvl
Code: 31156-750
Mintage: 1000 ks
Date of issue: Duben 2016
Packaging: Černá papírová etue
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: Yes
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Czech mint
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