Silver medal Cult of personality - F. D. Roosevelt proof

Silver medal Cult of personality - F. D. Roosevelt proof

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November 2023
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Cult of personality

The seventh silver medal of the Czech Mint from the series called Cult of Personality commemorates the admired figure of F. D. Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt dynasty gave the United States two prominent presidents. The first was Theodore Roosevelt, the second his distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who became head of state in the most difficult years of the 20th century... In the political world it is impossible to show weakness, and when "FDR" became paralysed from the waist down as a result of polio, it would seem that the promising career of the young servant of the people was over. The opposite was true - his will was strong, and when he was elected Governor of New York State, he took it as a victory over the cruelty of fate. His popularity grew, he quickly became the best-known figure in the Democratic Party and was eventually elected the 32nd President of the United States. He did not arrive at the inauguration in a wheelchair, but stood on his own two feet. In the same way, he wanted to support the United States, which was suffering from the Great Depression, back on its feet. He sympathised with all the weak and broken people - especially the workers and farmers whom he wanted to rescue from destitution. That is why he introduced a bold plan called the New Deal, a set of unprecedented social and economic reforms that included government intervention in the economy, control of the financial and banking sectors, and planned management of industry and agriculture. America was prospering, but the clouds of World War II were gathering over the rest of the world. At the beginning of the conflict, the Americans declared neutrality, but Roosevelt made it clear whose side he supported. He gave generous support to Great Britain, the Soviet Union, China, other states, to which it provided an endless stream of arms and equipment under the "Loan and Hire Act". The mammoth American industry became the "armory of democracy," and when the United States finally joined the fight, Roosevelt assured it of a leading role in the allied coalition with Great Britain and the USSR, as well as a leading role in the postwar ordering of the planet. But he did not live to see the final triumph. The longest-serving president in U.S. history, and the only American president to be elected to office four times in a row, succumbed to a stroke - just a month before the defeat of the Third Reich…

The obverse side of the medal, which is the work of academic sculptor Jiří Dostál, presents a characteristic portrait of F. D. Roosevelt, supplemented with his name and life dates. "The reverse side consists of a loose representation of the flying American flag, whose four waves commemorate Roosevelt's four times being elected President of the USA in 1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944," explains the author.

A special supplement is an integral part of the issue, offering an objective view of F. D. Roosevelt through the eyes of historian Pavel Kosatik.


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Czech mint
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
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999 / 1000
31.1 g
37 mm
Šedý papírový box
Czech Mint