Silver medal Guardians of czech mountains - Jizera mountains and Muhu proof

Silver medal Guardians of czech mountains - Jizera mountains and Muhu proof

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April 2021
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Guardians of czech mountains

Our mountains are not only beautiful and magnificent, but also mysterious and, according to legend, are guarded by powerful spirits. These patrons are kind and generous to people who treat the mountains with respect, but as soon as someone hurts the mountain, he or she will meet evil. The first supernatural creature to appear on the silver medal from the new cycle of the Czech Mint is the guardian of the Jizera Mountains Muhu.

"Make sure that the people of you country are hardworking and rightful, that they do not wrong the poor and that they live in mutual love, that they may punish injustice and dominion. And in order to be able to observe the life of people and animals up close, you can take on various forms and, if necessary, you can also become invisible
, "said Krakonoš after he and his friend Rampušák conjured up a creature who became the protector of the Jizera Mountains. The misty, long-toed creature, sensing the slightest tremor of the earth, emerged from a cracked rock at the top of a rock, visible from far and wide, and ruled over all the hills, forests, peat bogs, and meadows. Neither the spirit nor the rock with the rocky sea had a name then. But where to get it? It was already night, and from somewhere on the Black Road Ridge, an owl began to roar its long muhuuu. The Good Spirit has since been known as Muhu and his home as Muchov.

Academic sculptor Majka Wichnerová
breathed an almost fairy-tale atmosphere into the series. The reverse side of the commemorative medal is dominated by the spirit of Muhu - a wild-looking man with long hair, beard and fingers - in the company of a barn owl and characteristic representatives of the Jizera Mountains flora. Another view of the nature of the Jizera Mountains, which includes black grouse and dead spruce, is presented by the obverse side of the medal. The composition of the obverse side is closed by the inscription STRÁŽCI ČESKÝCH HOR - MUHU - JIZERSKÉ HORY.

The collector's series called
Guardians of the Czech Mountains will present five more mountain ghosts.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Majka Wichnerová
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Majka Wichnerová
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
31.1 g
37 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint