Silver medal History of warcraft - Battle on the river Trebia proof

Silver medal History of warcraft - Battle on the river Trebia proof

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The final silver medal of the Czech Mint's twelve-part History of Warfare series, for which fans of the academic painter Karel Zeman have been waiting five years, commemorates Hannibal's triumph at the Battle of the Trebia River.

Rome and Carthage - two magnificent cities on opposite sides of the Mediterranean in the third century BC competed for power in a series of conflicts that are known as the Punic Wars. The brilliant general Hannibal Barkas led the Carthaginian armies in the Second Punic War, which was intended to atone for the ignominious defeat of Carthage in the previous conflict. His army numbered 50,000 infantry, 9,000 cavalry and 37 war elephants. Although he lost half his men in his daring march across the Pyrenees and the Alps, in 218 BC he threw himself into battle. The Romans responded immediately, but Hannibal's Numidian cavalry defeated them soundly at the Battle of the Ticino River. Consul Scipio barely saved his life. The disgraced Roman Senate promptly dispatched numerous reinforcements, which, under the leadership of Consul Sempronius, marched into the death trap at the Trebia River. Hannibal provoked the inexperienced Sempronius, eager to achieve a quick and glorious victory, into a rash attack across the icy cold river. Frozen, hungry and exhausted Romans then encountered the well-rested and well-fed Carthaginians, who showered them with spears. The Roman horsemen were decimated by elephants that frightened their horses, and the work of destruction was completed by the hidden army of Hannibal's brother Magon.

Casualties amounted to 20,000 legionnaires. The victorious Hannibal launched a triumphal campaign across the Apennine Peninsula and the Romans were panic-stricken. They dreaded the man who had made the impossible crossing of the Alps, managed to defeat the legions on Roman soil, and finally stood within sight of their eternal city. "Hannibal ante portas! - Hannibal before the gates!" cried the desperate citizens of Rome…

The obverse side of the medal, by academic painter Karel Zeman, is dominated by a portrait of the hardy Hannibal standing at the head of his soldiers. On the reverse side you will also find the Carthaginian warriors, with an elephant trampling their way through the battle on the Trebia River. The archers on its back sow death among the terrified Roman legionaries.

Each medal comes with a spectacular certificate of authenticity that includes an accompanying word by Karel Zeman and a historical text.


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Czech mint
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ak. mal. Karel Zeman
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ak. mal. Karel Zeman
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