Silver medal JIří David - Horizon of the memory proof, numbered

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Czech Mint's exclusive Art for Václav Havel collection introduces its third addition – this time, the high quality (proof) silver medal was rendered by the exceptional Czech painter, photographer and artist Jiří David, who offers the admirers of Václav Havel an unconventional work imbued with strong transcendent ideas.

Jiří David (born on the 28th of August 1956 in Rumburk) gained national renown with his magnificent Neon Heart that President Václav Havel lit at Prague Castle on 17 November 2002; Václav Havel often added the symbol to his signature. The heart was 17 metres wide and weighed approximately half a tonne. According to the author, this was not just homage to Havel - the heart was also meant as a figurative symbol of understanding, referring to the power of positive communication and to the need for removing ideological layers. It stood for simple love and touches between the mortals and the author referred to it as to a litmus paper for the sensitivity of our society.

The Art for Václav Havel series has resulted from the collaboration of the Dagmar and Václav Havel VIZE 97 Foundation, Czech Mint and the leading Czech artists, Bořek Šípek, Jiří David, Kurt Gebauer, Aleš Lamr, David Černý, Jaroslav Róna and Olbram Zoubek whose unique works have contributed towards fulfilling the wish of Václav Havel; the Czech President and a rare personality. The wish was to preserve St. Anne’s Church known as the Prague Crossroads, with the proceeds from the sale of the medals intended to contribute to its refurbishment.

Jiří David decorated the reverse side of the pure silver medal with St. Anne’s face and the ground plan of her church. The author finds the meaning of his design in the combination of the human mind and beauty in its spiritual transcendence. The obverse side contains a masterful expression of the conflicts, crossroads, directions, starting points and chaos that determines our being. The numbered issue of the silver gem is limited to just 200 units. By purchasing it, you will enrich your collection with a magnificent specimen of the contemporary Czech art while contributing to a good cause!

42 g
999 / 1000
50 mm
Plain numbered edge
Author of the obverse
doc. ak. mal. Jiří David
Author of the reverse
doc. ak. mal. Jiří David
200 pcs
Date of issue
September 2015
Exclusive wooden case
Numbered issue
Czech mint