Silver medal Marta Kubišová proof

Silver medal Marta Kubišová proof

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October 2017
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Marta Kubišová becomes another celebrity of the Hall of Fame and appears in this cycle from the Czech Mint called the Golden Nightingales. The commemorative silver medals pay tribute to her singing career and determination to fight for human rights on the occasion of her 75th birthday.

Marta Kubisova is a woman of many faces. She first entertained the Czechoslovak public audience as a singer - a triple golden Nightingale - but today we also remember her as an actress or moderator, and above all as a freedom fighter. Her opposition to the Communist regime lasted 20 years. It began with the song "Prayer for Martha" in 1968. This song became the protest of the occupied Czechoslovakia. It did not take long for the reigning regime to silence the singer. She was forbidden to perform and became a referent in 1970. She was the victim of bullying from State Security, and she had to worry not only about her fate but also about her daughter. Marta Kubisova, however, did not give up the desire for freedom. She became a signatory and a spokesman for Charter 77 and became friendly with a number of similarly minded people. Thanks to them she does not remember the bad times of normalization: "My friends have stayed for a lifetime. Where would I meet so many wonderful people if I was not a singer! " Vaclav Havel also became her friend. He helped her with a great comeback when she sang the prayer and national anthem during the Velvet Revolution on Wenceslas Square. The President borrowed the heart, which she had been attaching to her signature.

Commemorative mintage is dedicated to both Marta Kubisova's lifetime tasks. The medal maker MgA. Martin Dasek immortalized her in pure silver, both as a singer and as a fighter against oppression. The obverse side of the medal carries the singer's face in simplified contours, with a mouth covered with five-pointed Soviet star. The composition is complemented by the name MARTA KUBIŠOVÁ. The reverse side of the medal then carries the text of Martha's Prayer covered with four years. The first three dates - 66, 68 and 69 – commemorate the three victories of the Golden Nightingale poll. The fourth - 70 - is once again covered with a star and symbolizes a ban on public appearances.

Keep in mind that we have also prepared an original collector´s etui for collectors of nightingales.


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Czech mint
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Roman Shamilyan
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Roman Shamilyan
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37 mm
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Czech Mint