Silver medal National heroes - Alois Rašín proof

Silver medal National heroes - Alois Rašín proof

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The collector´s series National Heroes introduces the economist and politician following the philosopher and soldiers. Such people are currently not very popular because they are considered to be individuals who think primarily of their own profits and the victim to the benefit of a larger entity is alien to them. Alois Rasin, to who belongs the silver medal of the Czech Mint, embodies the exact opposite of this not very positive idea.

Alois Rasin was known as a patriotic element in the times of Austria-Hungary. He was a member of the young generation of Czech political activists and was convicted of anti-state activities. When imprisoned he spent time studying the national economy to which he later devoted his whole life. After leaving the prison he quickly got to the highest politics. When the First World War broke out, he joined the anti-Habsburg movement and became the founder of a secret organization called Maffie, which collected information for foreign resistance activists. This activity became fatal to him - he was arrested and sentenced to death. The force of higher power, however, saved his life. Emperor Franz Joseph I. died before the sentence was passed and his successor did not want to start the government by signing the death judgements. Rasin was released and became a "national martyr". He soon formed the first independent state of the Czechs and Slovaks. After the establishment of Czechoslovakia, he became Minister of Finance and in the spirit of "working and saving" he did everything in order to keep his country economically healthy. He ignored the fact that his policy had come to a harsh resistence. Convinced of his actions, he went against the majority opinion. The anarchist communist Josef Šoupal One disagreed with Rasin. He assassinated the minister, to which he succumbed in February 18, 1923. Rasin's legacy has continued to this day, and it has been shown that his economic measures have saved Czechoslovakia from bankruptcy.

"The firm and uncompromising view of the creator of the Czechoslovak currency is inspired by the portrait of Alois Rašín from the twenty-crown banknote of 1926," explains academic sculptor Jiří Dostál, the author of the medal. The composition is supplemented by the name of the economist interrupted by the year of birth and death of 1867-1923 and his life motto WORK AND SAVING. The reverse side includes a monetary reform roll, a disc symbolising the coin and linden leaf taken from the Czechoslovak banknote. The collage of the reverse side is complemented by inscriptions AUTHOR OF THE CZECHOSLOVAK CURRENCY, RASIN´S MONETARY REFORM, and SHOT BY YOUNG COMMUNIST.

Every medal is stored in a spectacular packaging in the form of a book that draws closer to Rasin's life story. The leading Czech historian PhDr. Petr Koura, Ph.D is the author of the essay.


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Czech mint
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ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
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ak. soch. Jiří Dostál
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37 mm
Czech Mint