Silver medal Stories of Our History - Liberec Zoo proof

Silver medal Stories of Our History - Liberec Zoo proof

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October 2019
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Stories of Our History

The sixth silver medal from the cycle Stories of our history will please especially animal lovers. The Czech Mint dedicated it to the oldest zoo in the former Czechoslovakia.

The Zoo in Liberec
was going to celebrate a straight century of its existence in 2019, therefore the researchers tried to find an official document that would confirm the exact date of its creation. What a surprise when they found a document stating that the city of Reichenberg - or today's Liberec - handed over the land to the Ornithological Association for the purpose of establishing a zoo in 1904. In fact, the zoo is 15 years older! Researchers also found that the disorder was caused by Erich Sluwa. He became director of the zoo in 1929 and decided to deny its history. Aside from this unfortunate decision, Sluwa had served the garden loyally for a long time. He was followed by other directors as Jiří Badalec, Josef Janečka and David Nejedlo. Thanks to the enthusiastic and dedicated work of animal lovers, zoo visitors can enjoy, for example, a sea lion pool, an elephant pavilion and of course iconic white tigers who have become the symbol of the region. Some of the most precious and endangered species of the planet - the Berber lion, the Somali donkey, the Bukhara Urial and the Maneless zebra - thrive in Liberec.

four rare animals can be found on the obverse side of the medal from the studio of MgA. Martin Dašek. On the obverse side there is also the inscription 1904 ZOO LIBEREC. The names of the animals can be found on the reverse side, where they are surrounded by a depiction of the so-called Stork's Nest - the oldest building in the complex from 1906.

Each medal includes
a special certificate of origin which tells the story of the Liberec Zoo.


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Czech mint
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MgA. Martin Dašek
Author of the reverse
MgA. Martin Dašek
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999 / 1000
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37 mm
Blue leather case
Czech Mint